Old Boat: To Throw It Away or Fix It Up?

When you have an old boat you wonder what is worth fixing versus what warrants a trip to the dump. While there are a few scenarios where it is best to simply purchase a new boat (which you can offset the cost of by junking your old one), in most cases it is a much better idea to simply fix it.

When to Throw It Away

If your boat has numerous issues, or have something which is considered considerable damage, you will be better off simply starting fresh. Considerable damage would include something like a seized engine, or a massive hole in the side of the boat that would be difficult (if not impossible) to properly patch.

When to Fix it Up

If you need new marine interiors Boerne, TX it is not worth giving up an otherwise fine boat. There are companies which specialize in redoing boat interiors – and these companies sprang up with worthy cause. The interiors of boats are subject to a lot of wear and tear, not to mention wetness and long storage periods.

If there is a small hole in your boat’s frame, this is also an easy fix. The key here is small, however. Sizable holes can not be patched without compromising the overall durability of your boat. One thing you do not want is an unsafe boat in the water.

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Minor engine repair also warrants repair versus starting new. If the entire engine has seized, that (as mentioned above) is not an easy fix. If you simply need to replace a part or two, however, it is much more cost efficient to fix it. If the problem continually pops up, however, or if more issues arise on a constant basis, you will want to consider getting a new boat.