Technology Made The Print Industry

The advent of the internet has made a huge difference to everyone’s life. May traditional business areas have needed to become more competitive and some have even died out.

All types of business have had to adapt. It is impossible to think of a business without a website. All marketing budgets must include an element of social media marketing.

Businesses must now respond to customer situations faster than ever before and speed of response is the difference between keeping a reputation and losing it.

In the printing and design Miami industry the internet has opened the door to business rather than made it harder.

Using online portals

printing and design Miami

The big change to the print industry is the speed at which things can be produced. Print jobs are a matter of days rather than weeks. Customers make their way to an online portal, where they create a design or add a logo and the job can often go directly to print.

Online software is smart enough to recognize when the print quality not going to be good enough and users can fix it immediately.

In the U.S. alone 10 billion business cards are printed annually. The majority (83%) done online via a portal.

Printed Promotions

The PPAI reports a promotional product has a better recall than TV or online advertising.73% of people in the U.S. use a promotion product every week. 45% of people use one every day.

People keep printed promotional items for between one and three years, and as up to 15% of the population actively go out of their way to avoid advertising, the printed promotional item is one of the most successful ways of promoting a brand or business.

And, if you’re still not convinced, 70% of people are annoyed by online advertising!